About the Spirit Campaign

In 2023, 63 nonprofit organizations received donations totaling over $479,000 during the 18th annual Spirit Campaign. Since the Campaign’s inception over $5.8 million has been donated and shared by virtually every nonprofit headquartered in Custer County. Over 700 donors from Custer County, throughout Colorado, several other states and a number of foreign countries contributed to the future success of our counties charitable organizations.

Nonprofit Qualifications

Organizations eligible to receive the foundation’s Spirit Campaign Make-It-More funds must provide services to Custer County residents and be a 501(c)(3) or be considered a qualified government equivalent. Organizations must be headquartered in Custer County, or provide services directly to the residents of Custer County. If an organization is a chapter and/or otherwise affiliated with a larger organization, the 501(c)(3) designation must be to the local entity.   Nonprofits must be a 501c3, hold an IRS designation letter, and have been in operation for at least one year. 

Spirit Campaign Eligibility Requirements – revised and adopted

How can I donate to the Spirit Campaign?

Donors wishing to take advantage of matching funds for their favorite local organizations must use the Donate page on this website between mid-November and December 31. Please DO NOT use the previous year’s form. Make checks payable to the Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation (or WMVCF), and please note the nonprofit organization and the amount you wish to go to that organization on the donor form.

The maximum amount that will be matched is $1,000 per family and/or business. You are welcome to spread your donation to more than one nonprofit, or just one — it’s your call.

Make-it-More funds will be pro-rated based on the dollar total of contributions made through the campaign. Donations to churches through the Spirit Campaign are not allowed to receive matching funds under IRS regulations.

Donations may also be made throughout the year directly to the Spirit Campaign Make-It-More Fund to increase the matching funds and further stretch the community’s charitable dollars. Donate to the Make-It-More Fund now.