High Mountain Hay Fever Children’s Health Fund Grant

Grant Criteria and Application

The High Mountain Hay Fever Festival Association has worked with the WMVCF to establish a designated fund to improve children’s health in Custer County.

Areas of children’s health that will be considered for grant awards include, but are not limited to, accessibility of healthcare (medical and dental), mental health, after school and pre-school programs, childhood obesity, food insecurity, immunization, developmental screening, child abuse and neglect, smoking and tobacco use and drug and alcohol abuse.

Grant Application General Requirements

  1. Grant awards from the High Mountain Hay Fever Children’s Health Fund are intended exclusively to support nonprofit organizations and/or governmental programs in Custer County. The Community Foundation does not make grants to individuals.
  2. Application submission deadline is February 15th of the current grant cycle year.  
  3. Applications can be downloaded at the Community Foundation website at http://wmvcf.org. 
  4. Applications can be submitted to kidshealthfund@gmail.com.  Applications in hardcopy should be mailed to:  CHF Committee, PO Box 1205, Westcliffe, CO 81252
  5. Grants may be requested for all or a portion of the project budget.
  6. Approved grant-funded projects shall be implemented in a reasonable timeframe and completed within twelve months from the date of the grant award. Extensions may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Awardees will be required to submit a final summary report of how the grant funds were used and the impact the project has had within the community.
  8. Some priority will be given applications that are:
    • requesting matching funds to support other grant requests to funding organizations outside Custer County,
    • to applications that illustrate collaboration among multiple Custer County nonprofit organizations,
    • or those that are supported by evidence-based programs. A program is classified as evidence-based if it has an existing, tried and true foundation on which to create a needed program.
  9. Level of grant awards will be determined based on the applications. Small and large grant requests will be considered.

Grant Application Guidelines

Your grant application should:

  • Illustrate the impact of the organization and its project on the health of children in Custer County.
  • Demonstrate a track record of developing new projects and successfully managing long-term projects.
  • Be filed as one project per grant application.
  • Demonstrate the administrative and fiscal strength and stability of the organization.
  • Show how the project addresses an important problem or a critical need in the community regarding child health.
  • Illustrate how completion of the project will be measured to demonstrate success.
  • Outline potential problems and alternative strategies for the project.
  • Demonstrate sustainability of the program.
  • Provide a detailed budget

If you have questions, please email kidshealthfund@gmail.com.