Types of Funds

Your community. Your causes. Your choice.

The Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation can help you create a custom giving plan that is smart, effective and meets your preferences for ongoing involvement.

Special Designated or Advised Funds

A “special fund” is a separate fund that is “designated” to further one or more specific charitable purpose, or to benefit one or more specific charitable organizations. The Community Foundation can serve as the charitable beneficiary of a gift when the donor wishes to designate his or her funds towards supporting a particular purpose or project. The Community Foundation, often with the help of an advisory committee, can then select charities from time to time which carry out the donor’s intentions.

Donor-Advised Funds

If there are specific organizations or causes you wish to support, you might consider creating a donor-advised fund. When a donor contributes to this type of fund, it allows the donor to have advisory privileges with respect to the distribution or investment of the fund. This is a great way to directly support causes or organizations without the administrative requirements and operating costs involved with managing a private foundation.

Legacy Gifting

Create a lasting legacy that will make charitable gifts in your name to the causes in our community you care about most.

Through the Community Foundation, you can create an endowment fund where your donation is invested so it can grow over time. The investment’s earnings are used to make grants that can benefit our community well into the future. Establish a charitable fund in your name or the name of a loved one.