Custer County Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Phone: (719) 783-4447
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Contact: Steph Giebeig


Custer County EMS operates 24/7/365 to bring emergency medical services to to the
residents of the Wet Mountain Valley. We are the lifeline for your family, neighbors, and
visitors during a medical crisis, injuries, accidents, and acute mental health crisis.
Custer County EMS is the sole provider of emergency medical services and ambulance
transportation for the area. Our current medical personnel are trained and certified to
either the EMT or Paramedic level. An EMT is the foundation of emergency care and
they take care of patients at a basic level. An EMT’s assessment skills, mainly the ability
to determine the severity of a situation are the backbone of their training. They are
capable of starting IVs, giving some medications, and administering CPR.
A paramedic is the highest level of pre-hospital care offered in the US. They are
required to go through two years of schooling, have previous experience as an EMT,
and have a much wider scope of practice and skill set. A paramedic can intubate,
perform needle decompression, cardioversion, pace a slow heart, and give a wide
range of medications for cardiac, respiratory, and other conditions. Paramedics are able
to deliver advanced life support care and offer better patient outcomes. Since 2018,
Custer County EMS has been able to staff a paramedic on all shifts. The EMTs
and Paramedics work together to serve patients and provide high-quality emergency
services to the county and surrounding areas. 

Our dedicated EMS team faces unique challenges: with winding mountain roads and
isolated community members, emergencies can demand specialized skills and
resources. Our team embodies dedication, skill, and a profound sense of duty to serve
their communities in times of urgent need.
Donations contribute to upgrading life-saving equipment, providing ongoing training for
personnel, and maintaining a fleet capable of navigating the demanding geography. By
supporting our cause, you are directly enhancing the resilience and responsiveness of
our EMS team, empowering them to reach those in critical need faster and with the best
possible care.

Please consider supporting Custer County EMS, ensuring that we can continue to serve
with excellence and compassion. Your donation is an investment in the well-being of our
neighbors, making a lasting difference in times of urgent medical crises. Together, let's
ensure that no one is left without the life-saving care they deserve. Donate today and be
a crucial part of our mission to safeguard lives in the heart of rural Colorado.