Custer County Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Phone: (719) 783-0765
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Contact: Beth Archuleta


Custer County EMS, as part of the West Custer County Hospital District, is committed to meeting the unique needs of the Wet Mountain Valley residents and its visitors. We provide emergency and nonemergency medical services and ambulance transportation. We are patient focused, providing a high standard of care with the compassion our patients deserve. Custer County EMS personnel have the skills and expertise to rapidly administer care and safely transport patients to the most appropriate facility for treatment.

Our professional staff members are dedicated to providing a high level of care and are committed to continuing education and training. Training materials and equipment are a consistent need within our organization to allow our staff to maintain a high level of competency in their knowledge and skills. Custer County EMS has received a grant for a new 4-wheel drive ambulance. It will be our responsibility to provide some of the equipment to outfit the new ambulance, and maintaining equipment on each of our ambulances is an ongoing process. 

As always Custer County EMS appreciates the continued support of our community and any donations received will be utilized to its full potential to provide a high-level of care to those we serve.