Full Circle Restorative Justice

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Salida, CO 81201

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PO Box 603
Salida, CO 81201

Phone: (719) 530-5597
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Website: https://fullcirclerj.org/
Contact: Eric S. Lee


Full Circle Restorative Justice (FCRJ) provides Restorative Justice (RJ) services to youth through both our Restorative Schools and Juvenile Diversion programs. FCRJ is based out of Salida, CO and serves Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, and Park counties. We directly support young people who have gotten in trouble in school or in court by offering them the chance to take an active role in repairing the harm they’ve caused.

A restorative approach does not excuse or ignore behavior that has caused harm. It is fundamentally a different approach to addressing harm and conflict. When punishment is the focus, accountability and growth can and often do take a back seat. A restorative framework views mistakes or conflict as valuable opportunities to learn, grow, and strengthen social and emotional skills. Particularly with students, restorative practices provide effective tools to facilitate personal growth, leadership, and positive development.

So far in 2023, our Diversion program impacted 124 juveniles across the 11th Judicial District and handled 31 cases (compared to 25 cases in all of 2022), with a recidivism rate of less than 5%. The Restorative Schools program has impacted 231 students, families, and educators (up from 191 in 2022). In addition to supporting students after a conflict, harmful behavior, or truancy, the Restorative Schools program also teaches conflict resolution and anti-bullying education to classrooms.

Donations to our program allow us to provide critical support to youth to address underlying causes of conflict and misbehavior, strengthen community safety, and continue to provide anti-bullying and conflict resolution training to 6-12th graders in the region. We appreciate your support!