High Country Recycling

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PO Box 672
Westcliffe, CO 81252

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Contact: Joanie Liebman


HCR’s mission is to have a comprehensive, successful program that supports individual, business, agency and governmental practices that reduces waste, promotes re-use and advances recycling throughout Custer County.


High Country Recycling is Proud of our Accomplishments:

* Partnered with Custer County, Custer County Economic Development and Sustainable Ways and secured a grant award (2021-2022) to build a landfill located recycling building to expand local recycling services. These services, newspaper, all other paper, aluminum cans, steel cans and cardboard will begin July 2022 at the new landfill. In addition, there will be a new Westcliffe 24/7 newspaper, other paper, aluminum and steel can drop 24/7 off site and the Dundee Memorial Dog Park Cans for Canines site will be expanded to include 24/7 newspaper and other paper drop off.

* Partnered with Dundee Memorial Dog Park to establish Valley wide 24/7 aluminum/steel can recycling.

* Secured funds for the construction of the County’s Recycling and Waste Minimization Center and began valley wide cardboard recycling.

* Began county wide plastic recycling through a partnership with Altitude Community Fitness that included the HCR purchase of a metal storage shed.

* Partnered with the Custer County School District recycling program through the purchase of individual classroom/office paper recycling bins, a cafeteria cart for recycling cans and an enclosed trailer for cardboard recycling

* Founded the Annual Mobile Record Shredder Event for individuals to have their important documents shredded and recycled confidentially and securely.

* Obtained 55-gallon barrels, designed, and painted by the local 4H youth, which are available for loan at no cost, to be used for recycling collections at public and private events.

Donations to High Country Recycling help to maintain and grow recycling opportunities and reduce barriers.
highcountryrecycling@gmail.com or PO Box 672, Westcliffe 81252.