High Country Recycling

Mailing Address:
PO Box 672
Westcliffe, CO 81252

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Website: https://www.highcountryrecycling.com/
Contact: Joanie Liebman


HCRs mission is to be a comprehensive, successful program that supports individual, business and governmental practices that reduces waste, promotes reuse and advances recycling throughout Custer County.


High Country Recycling, an all-volunteer organization, is proud of our past accomplishments and ongoing recycling efforts:

  • HCR volunteers assist the Joanie Liebman Recycling Center operations, monitor the Dundee Dog Park and the Lake DeWeese Recycle Round Up drop-off sites, assist the Custer County School District cardboard and paper recycling programs and monitor the Custer County Courthouse cardboard recycling collection site. 
  • Secured funds for the construction of the Joanie Liebman Recycling Center at the County Landfill which opened in 2022 with a new recycling county personnel position.
  • Partnered with the Dundee Memorial Dog Park and the Wet Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire Department and created two new drop-off recycling sites for free cardboard, mixed paper, aluminum, and steel can recycling.
  • Founded Custer County Recycling (CCR) to initiate mixed paper, aluminum and steel can recycling when none existed and expand corrugated cardboard recycling..
  • Initiated valley wide cardboard recycling in 2009 when there was none.
  • Enhanced the Custer County School District recycling program by supplying individual classroom mix paper recycling bins, a rolling cart in the school kitchen for steel can collection and recycling and an enclosed trailer for corrugated cardboard recycling drop-off and transport.
  • Maintains an inventory of 55-gallon blue barrels available for recycling collection at public and private events. 

Donations to High Country Recycling help to maintain and expand recycling opportunities and reduce existing obstacles.