Pet Project Wet Mountain Valley

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1048
Westcliffe, CO 81252

Phone: (719) 783-0815
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Contact: Glen Tiede


The purpose of Pet Project is to provide loving homes for abandoned and unwanted animals; to provide enlightened education for the community; and to provide a place where willing hands and loving hearts give care to animals in need.


Pet Project is a Pueblo-based non-profit animal welfare organization established in 2003. Community volunteers have formed a local branch called Pet Project Wet Mountain Valley and have joined forces with veterinarians in Custer and Fremont Counties to increase spay and neuter procedures in the Wet Mountain Valley area.  The main functions of Pet Project is to rescue animals from shelters in southern Colorado and place them in good homes and to promote spay/neuter. Honesty and integrity are integral to the Pet Project mission.

Pet Project WMV volunteers submit grant proposals to support spay and neuter of dogs and cats of low income owners and arrangements have been made to have these services performed at discount rates using grant funds  and your donations.

Call Julie Sperry at (719) 783-2032 to purchase a voucher and schedule a spay/neuter surgery. By combining our efforts and working under the Pet Project umbrella, Pet Project WMV has had a great impact in the community on the number of spays and neuters of domestic pets and feral cats in the Valley. Since we started in August of 2009, we have helped to spay/neuter over 2,500 domestic dogs and cats and over 1,400 feral cats.