Sangres Art Guild

59000 Hwy 69 South
Westcliffe, CO 81252

Mailing Address:
PO Box 205
Westcliffe, CO 81252

Phone: (719) 429-1858
Email: Email this nonprofit
Contact: Rhonda Denney


Create a dynamic, supportive environment for the arts to flourish in the Wet Mountain Valley.


The SANGRES ART GUILD promotes the arts in the community and supports the community through the arts; we create an exceptional arts-centered destination where everyone can create, participate and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Wet Mountain Valley. SAG is a catalyst in developing a healthy, dynamic, sustainable economic environment based on the arts.

SAG accepts all fine art formats and does not discriminate against any person based on race, religion, occupation, disability, sexual orientation, or gender expression.


  • Build the reputation of our Valley as a vibrant, art-centered destination known for its exceptional artistic talent and unique creative events.
  • Partner with local organizations and non-profits to ensure the economic future of the Wet Mountain Valley through coordinated special events and cooperative marketing.
  • Sponsor and manage the 3rd Street Gallery as a dedicated location where SAG members and local artists can create, exhibit and market their art.
  • Create the next generation of Valley artists by offering age-appropriate SAG ART FOR KIDS classes and inspiring creative experiences.  Commit talent, manpower and resources to supporting our class schedule, providing talented teachers and mentors and awarding scholarships.
  • Launching SAG CLASSES ON-DEMAND, targeted to aspiring adult artists, 16 and over.  Offer a range of workshops taught by renowned, award-winning local artists.  No previous experience necessary.  Check our website: for further information on classes.
  • Build on the Visiting Inspirational Artist concept, by following Aaron Blaise’s amazing presentations with the next inspirational, accomplished artist presentation in Westcliffe next year.
  • Continue to execute and host five SAG successful annual events to encourage visitors, patrons, and participants to come here often and stay longer:
    • Art In Public Places
    • Sangres Art Guild Fine Art Calendar
    • Arts Hullabaloo
    • Alla Prima Westcliffe
    • Seasonal People’s Choice Exhibits and Receptions,  featuring rotating shows.