Uplift Mountain

4500 CR 260
Westcliffe, CO 81252

Phone: (719) 371-5350
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Website: http://www.upliftmountain.com
Contact: Dean Selden


Dedicated to the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ.


Since 1987 Uplift Mountain has been dedicated to the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ.  In a time when distraction, shallowness, selfishness and pleasure seeking are the norm both outside and inside the church, we desire to awaken and equip the next generation of Christ followers through adventures, class times, and intense days of service and purpose.  We are a small, family run non-profit organization that has been challenging young people across America and in our own community to live lives of purpose, honor, integrity and love.   In each young person there is a desire for meaning and a longing to matter and to live days that matter.  We believe this is not there by accident.  It is placed there by God and found only in God.  To be awakened to God Himself not just belief about Him is the essence of life.  In Him is life.  Uplift Mountain is committed to this quest.  Uplift Mountain uses funds raised to provide scholarships to attend camps for students, to provide gear for adventures or to build or maintain the infrastructure of Uplift Mountain which includes multiple buildings and 200 acres.  For more information visit upliftmountain.com.